Breanna G.
Beat hair braiding I have found super good customer service. Very clean. Will be back to her for my braids every time
Uheina V.
Mel is the! She was very attentive and was able to get my hair done in 4 hours ! Definitely recommend her.
Kimberly Carpenter
She was very friendly and professional. Did my hair in a timely fashion, I will be back!!!
Elvine M.
I got my hair done by Merveille yesterday and she did a phenomenal job I was super impressed by her skills and she's definitely becoming my new stylist
Prashanth Reddy Y.
My wife had her hair done with Merveille yesterday, she did a great job. Before this appointment, she never felt comfortable while braiding her hair, but Merveille made her very comfortable and did her h. We great suggestions this hairstyle if you want you get your hair done.
Alice M.
If you're looking for a braider who's professional, affordable, and talented at her job, this is the woman to go to! I'm definitely bringing my kids here next time.
Paris L.
I started getting my hair done by her last year, her work is amazing. She is very organized and professional also affordable